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Google Edmonton marketing companies. On the first page, you’ll see two actual marketing companies in Edmonton. Who’s keeping them company? Job listings, directories, a web design company, a technology blog, and an Internet marketing (read SEO) expert. Not enough to help you understand the Edmonton marketing scene.

I have two objectives for this post: 1) provide a more useful list of Edmonton marketing companies; and by using very simple on-page SEO techniques, 2) try to get ranked for searches on marketing companies in Edmonton. If you found this page on Google and it helps you find a local marketing company that fits your needs, that means I’ve succeeded in both the first objective (building a useful list), and in the second (giving Google the type of content it likes). So, let’s get listing!

Marketing Companies in Edmonton

  • Calder Bateman — The big guys. Advertising, marketing, design, and public relations. They’re full service: television, radio, print, outdoor, web. Even social media. The masterminds behind the Government of Alberta rebrand. They cleaned up at the 2010 ACE Awards.
  • DDB Edmonton — Local office of global advertising agency. Often winners at the ACE Awards.
  • Donovan Creative — Creative communications. The talent behind the much-admired EIA’s “Language of Speed” campaign.
  • Eight Leaves Media — That’s us. We’re a direct marketing company. We specialize in analytics and data-driven techniques that increase marketing ROI.
  • g[squared] — One of the companies on Google’s first page. They’re running a lot of creative transit ads in the Edmonton market. Very active in the Edmonton community.
  • Incite — A relationship marketing company. Named to Alberta Venture’s Fast 50 in 2009. Also made it to Google’s first page for Edmonton marketing companies.
  • Leger Marketing — Edmonton office of North American market research firm.
  • Marketing by Design — Boutique firm. Design, print, web, signage, even 3D and animation. Lots of experience with developers.
  • FREE — Strategy and creative. Winners of many creative awards.
  • mkm — Margaret Kool Marketing. Brochures, logos, print, broadcast.
  • Parcom Marketing — Partners in Communication. A seasoned marketing agency that works in print, broadcast, and web. The crowdsourced edmontonstories.ca is one of their babies.
  • RED the Agency — Formerly local, now regional advertising agency that mixes traditional and digital. Edgy.
  • Urban Jungle — Full service marketing boutique. Advertising, branding, communications, design.

Keep in mind that these are the marketing companies in Edmonton that I know of. I’ve also tried to limit the list to strictly marketing companies — which is why I haven’t included Edmonton companies that are focused on web design or Internet marketing.

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  1. Katarina says:

    Thank you for making this list!
    I googled ‘Marketing Agencies in Edmonton’ and your list popped up. I am looking for a job as a graphic designer in town so I really appreciate you taking the time to make this.
    Thanks again, Katarina.

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