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How the NDP Won the 2015 Alberta Election
Posted by Sridhar Mutyala at 11:46 AM · No Comments

After 44 years of PC rule, Albertans voted in a majority NDP government in Tuesday’s election. The result surprised many even though polls were predicting an NDP landslide. Wherever you fit on the political spectrum, until it happened, it didn’t seem possible.

So how did it happen? The fall (or death) of the PC dynasty. Rachel Notley and the impression she made on Albertans. Naheed Nenshi nudging Calgary voters to be open to alternatives. Prominent businessmen hectoring Edmontonians to stick with the status quo. Alberta’s changing demographics. Or how about mirrors, downturns, hope, fear, or math?

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Looking for Edmonton small business accountants? Well, we can happily recommend one of our Greenhouse Program clients, Origami Accounting. The firm provides complete small business accounting and bookkeeping services for a flat monthly fee. The Origami team has a laser focus on the needs of small business owners, and they’re doing some new and interesting things in a very traditional field. Definitely worth a look.

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Edmonton Marketing Companies
Posted by Sridhar Mutyala at 10:35 PM · 1 Comment

Google Edmonton marketing companies. On the first page, you’ll see two actual marketing companies in Edmonton. Who’s keeping them company? Job listings, directories, a web design company, a technology blog, and an Internet marketing (read SEO) expert. Not enough to help you understand the Edmonton marketing scene.

I have two objectives for this post: 1) provide a more useful list of Edmonton marketing companies; and by using very simple on-page SEO techniques, 2) try to get ranked for searches on marketing companies in Edmonton. If you found this page on Google and it helps you find a local marketing company that fits your needs, that means I’ve succeeded in both the first objective (building a useful list), and in the second (giving Google the type of content it likes). So, let’s get listing!

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First Things First; Second Things Never
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The title of this post comes from what was (and likely still is) Russ Greiner’s thought for the day. Just below it, he writes “I plan to update this daily… but that is not the highest priority.” I’m not sure Russ has ever updated “First things first; second things never”. The man understands priorities.

Russ is one of the researchers at the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning at the University of Alberta (the school’s machine learning program attracts and develops some real talent). He was kind enough to hear out a somewhat urgent, out-of-the-blue request from us last week. A true gentleman, he turned it around the next day and wished us well.

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Eight Reasons to Choose Our Greenhouse Program
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Does your website help your business? It’s the bottom line question — one you’re probably already asking. Eight Leaves Marketing offers custom web, graphic, and design solutions for local businesses. We call it the Greenhouse Program, because, you guessed it, we want your website to actually grow your business — and we have the nuts and bolts know-how to make it happen. The Greenhouse Program is an affordable, all-in-one online marketing solution for small to medium organizations that puts the emphasis where it matters: building websites that stand out, get found, and convert new customers.

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